Experience at Augustus Design includes instrumentation for ultrasound, infrared, and magnetic measurement;RF circuit design;fiber optic circuit design;precision LED intensity control; and EMI measurement and suppression.

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High Sensitivity Magnetic Ink Print Inspection Subsystem
Precision Benchtop Magnetic Measurement Device
Ultasonic Phased-Array Medical Imaging Subsystem
Ultrasonic Transeiver/Data Acquistion for Bone Analysis
Fiber Optic TDR Spread Spectrum Transceiver
Fiber Optic Fluorescence Measurement System
Programmable Illumination Control for Laboratory Microscopy
High Intensity Pulsed IR/Visible LED Arrays for Print Inspection
Sensor and Control Electronics for Robotic Applications
Low Frequency Medical/Industrial Infrared Temperature Scanners
Infrared Sensor and Circultry Development
RF Multi-channel SAW Oscillator/Mixer
EMI Analysis and Reduction in Medical Instrumentation
Audio Recording Digitizer
Precision Benchtop Magnetic Measurement Device
  • Low drift, precision 24-bit delta sigma data acquisition system
  • ROM table waveform generation for Hall effect sensor operation
  • Sensor output demodulation using synchronous detection
  • Embedded control with filtering and true RMS DSP
  • Programmable gain stages with calibration correction
  • Algorithms for linearization/temperature compensation of sensors
  • Keypad/display user interface, menu driven operation